• To specialise in the manufacture and installation of quality signage products and services, to provide the Company’s customers with value for money products and services.
  • To develop our human resources with emphasis placed on the training of technical and management skills and to address the issue of growth and the development of all the individuals employed in the Company.
  • Zero Tolerance on Quality Statement: Over the last 13 years, ANM Sign Manufacturers has adopted a Zero Tolerance on quality philosophy.  Strict quality control systems have been developed and implemented throughout every stage of the production process.  This philosophy has been adopted throughout the Company and forms the core of our Company Mission Statement.


  • To grow into an integrated corporate structure encompassing business with a platform of management and manufacturing skills. Providing quality and innovative signage, products and services, with a strong customer base both locally and internationally.
  • To continue to deliver a high level of quality products, standards and services to our customers. To remain at the cutting edge in our field of business and to continue to strive for innovative manufacturing processes and materials delivering new and exciting products and services to our customers.


ANM is committed to the use of environmental principals in our product development and business operations through the use of low-energy components, environmentally friendly materials.

Innovation is a key part of our success and has played a major role in our ability to offer more environmentally friendly solutions. We are experts in the latest use of LED technology, which is a recognized component of sustainable architecture. This program drastically reduces energy consumption, allowing our clients to make a significant contribution to sustainability.