A general term for any sort of graphic display intended to convey information to an audience


Custom-made signage is usually designed for a business, to convey the name and location of the business, or to promote a specific service or product that the business offers. Custom-made signage may be as simple as a small hand-written sign hung in the window of a shop, or it may be a very intentional bit of branding put together by a large-scale marketing company and present on thousands of outlets of a single corporation. This type of signage comes in all shapes and sizes, and there are very few common themes among the different types.

Often custom-made signage meant to promote a business will include the name of the business, but the most effective forms of signage tend to have a central element aside from the name that becomes iconic. The signage used for the McDonalds™ company is an excellent example of this. The iconic Golden Arches used in their signage have become as recognised as their name, making them immediately visible from great distances, and giving them limitless branding opportunities. Local examples of this would be for example Woolworths, Nedbank, City Lodge, Engen and Caltex.